Thursday, 17 April 2014

Washi Tape!

 Hi my name is Lauren and I am a Washi Tape addict....I love washi tape! It started with one roll in December 2012 and snow balled from there. I now boast a collection of 113 tapes! My lovely husband gave me 30 for my 30th,and my parents sent me some from Scotland as well.

What is washi tape? (For those of you who may not know)
Washi tape is a decorative masking tape originating from Japan and comes from 'Wa' meaning Japanese and 'shi' meaning paper and the term is used to describe paper paper made in a traditional manner.

It sounds odd to be addicted to/obssessed with printed tape but to justify my addiction there are so many uses! And the tapes are pretty and that's as good an excuse as any. Seeing them all organised and sorted by print just makes me smile. But then you'll learn that about me, anything in colour order or alphabetised makes me happy, it's the OCD in me coming out.

I choose to display and store my tapes in an unused spice rack.

Using washi tape to tape up Christmas Cards
Washi Tape doesn't leave behind a sticky residue, in the picture above I went as far as to use my Christmas print tapes- Of course!

Above I hung my tapes on my mini Christmas tree's branches just for a bit of extra Christmas cheer.

some coasters.

Here I temporarily covered a light switch in my Kitchen, it fits in well with my Retro pink and blue colour scheme.

passage light switch

future baby room light switch

bedroom light switch

my business cards- the fronts only

a clip board.

my market day name tag

Other uses that I haven't put pictures up of are:  Decorating plainer Gift wrapping,decorating tea lite candles-on the foil bit,covering note books and beautifying clothing pegs for clipping a tag onto a gift, or anything really. I am not quite so nuts that I decorate all my clothing pegs just for hanging them on the washing line- at least not yet, doubt I'll ever be that nuts.

I source my tape in a few ways. PE doesnt have too many suppliers so getting it locally is a bit of a stretch. I tend to shop on line. My favourite online shop is:

DOOLALLY DAISY. Carene is fantastic,her service is brilliant and the care that goes into her presentation of the packages is an unexpected treat when receiving a parcel. She has a wide range of beautiful tapes and many other crafty items to tickle any one who's remotely creative's fancy. She also does mystery bags of tape and manages never to duplicate any she sends you. I Would and do recommend her to anyone who'll listen to me.

Two other sites I have used in the past have been WASHI BUG,they run a sale if you buy more than 3 tapes you get them at a lower price and they have over 400 tapes! Including some thicker ones and 'brand name' ones

And JAPANESE WASHI, have very reasonably priced tape, but a smaller collection.

Locally I have seen Washi Tape at Peace of Art, Scrapbook Nook, iScrap, Camden, Typo and surprisngly Mr Price Home. But none of these places have as large a selection as on line.

*I will not be held responsible for any new Washi Tape addictions  that may occur from this post ;)

And a sneak peek of tomorrow's post.....

What are some ways you use your Washi Tape?

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Love Lauren

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