Friday, 18 April 2014


Last Easter my husband and I had just returned from our honeymoon the night before. Now being South Africa and the fact that it was late March and still warm AND we were driving from the East Coast side of the country we didn't want to travel with Easter eggs. Anyway we woke up on Good Friday to get some supplies- some of which would be Easter eggs, we went to one of our closest shops- (a large one) and found NO EASTER EGGS! None at all, no Lindt Bunnies, no marshmallow eggs, nothing! When I enquired I was told they had sold out!(and somehow managed to take down all their displays?) So to make a long story short we had no Easter Eggs last year :(

This year I have gone overboard :)

Cute egg cups I bought at Woolworths

I did some Easter crafts- minor ones since I have no littlies to make it special for.


I did my own variation of the bunny tails tags as I sadly have no ink in my home printer. I used a tag stencil and my alphabet stamps I bought from Doolally Daisy

washi tape tags

I did an amigurumi cupcake bunny for my husband's basket (sounds weird but it was too cute to resist) I found the pattern here her blog is called Little Yarn Friends and her version is adorable.

my version of the cupcake bunny

He made me 2 log bunnies, I found a picture on pinterest and requested them, sometimes a girl has to be specific right?  I plan on reusing these bunnies and my cupcake one as Easter decor for next year.

log bunny

I did a few items for my Easter Market this weekend too.

bunny hats pattern found here

my adaptation of an owl turned chick

Then finally I drew up a paw print stencil and shook some baby powder over it to create some "bunny prints", I can't wait to have littlies to make magic for!

Bunny Tracks :)

Now my husband can finally get started on his basket, he's been (im)patiently waiting for me to finish taking my pictures :)

Happy Easter all...
What do you do to make Easter special?

 Love Lauren

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