Friday, 18 April 2014

PostCrossing part 2

 Hi again,

I said I'd update when I had more news on the Postcrossing. (It's a small World after all) It has been about 2 months today since I joined. I have received 4 post cards so far! Germany, Russia, Lithuania and Finland.





The excitement I feel when I get a new card is incredible! It's wonderful that such a small, seemingly insignificant and old fashioned thing can bring such joy to me.

So far I have sent to Russia, Germany, Netherlands, China, Taiwan, USA, Ukraine,Belarus, Turkey with second ones to China, Netherlands and now a third to USA today.

What do I write on each card?

Different people request different things so I generally give brief facts about South Africa or myself if that's what's requested.

I buy a few postcards when ever I come across them and save them until it fits  a post card description that someone requests.

I am still loving the surprise element when I click "send postcard" you never know where your next card is going to be sent. Join and you'll see what I mean :)

Love Lauren

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