Monday, 28 April 2014

Sweet n Sour Chicken Pizza

Hi again!

We love to have Pizza night! Pizza night for us means, shopping for what ever toppings grab us, coming home, prepping the bases- In Mark's case it's ready made un-pasted pizza bases.For me it means buying a pack of  Gluten Free Crispy Pizza Pre Mix by Nature's Choice

One of  our favourites is: Sweet n Sour Chicken Pizza.

Ingredients/ Toppings:
* Greenpepper
* Mushrooms
* Onions
* Pineapple pieces
* Chicken pieces pre cooked spiced with Chinese 5 Spice ( I got mine at Spar in the World Foods section)
* Cheese

* and Homemade Sweet n Sour Sauce.
* 1/2 cup Soya Sauce
* 1/4 cup Sugar
* 50ml Vinegar
* 1/2 tsp Chinese 5 Spice

Combine all 4 together in a small pot and let it simmer for about 10 minutes. If it needs to be thickend sieve in Maizena, if it needs to be thinned add a bit more vinegar- and a sugar to taste.

Layer your toppings however you want. Generally I start with Onion, then Greenpepper, then Mushrooms, then Pineapple, then the cooked Chicken, then the Sweet n Sour Sauce drizzled over the top and finally the Cheese. I make sure to cover the entire surface and scatter  the topping evenly so that with every bite or so you get a bit of everything. Bake it according to the directions on your specific packaging.

Love Lauren

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