Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Our DIY Home: part two: Stenciled Wall and Tutorial

To stencil a wall can be a monumental task- depending on the size of the wall of course. The first wall I bravely/foolishly tackled is a 3.5m x 3m wall with a window of 1.80 x 80cm.

The stencil I chose can be found  here: http://jonesdesigncompany.com/decorate/painted-wallpaper-a-tutorial/. I printed it off and kept the printed size-I didn't enlargen it.

I then traced off the template onto cardboard and cut it out. You can use an old x ray/card or anything you like that is stiffer than regular paper.

For the first wall I chose a warm orange (Bacarat by Plascon) and painted the entire wall with that. The actual stencil colour is Corner Stone by Paint Warehouse in Port Elizabeth. (It's a colour we have painted through out our house.)


step one: orange paint

the template

the start of something big

the second row to show how the templates join

I started at the bottom left side and worked left to right in rows. I traced the stencil onto the wall in pencil and then used a number 7 flat paintbrush ( the kind kids use in art class will do) to paint just inside the lines. I used my index finger as a spacer between each template and joined the “stems” in the columns as such.

I found I couldn't work at it too long or my eyes would feel like they were crossing. All in all I think it took about 3 weeks of working most days for an hour or so.

more progress and how I reached the top

Finished! But still a tiled floor

with our wooden floors :)

The second one I did is a smaller piece of wall between two cupboards where the future changing table will be placed. This time I used Corner Stone as the main colour and Aqua light (also Paint Warehouse) as the stencil colour. 

showing how I paint each template

mini wall done

I love my feature walls and the satisfaction that I did it even more.

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Love Lauren.


  1. Love the combination of colours :) A job well done!

  2. Hi Lauren,
    You are all set. I deleted your entry for the stenciled wall. I think pictures don't show up when you submit them through iPads or other devices like that. I had to reply to your comment here, because your blog comments are "no reply" which means there isn't an email address attached. I think it has to do with using your google plus profile.
    Thanks so much for joining the party!! Love this project…awesome results!!

    1. Thanks Karen! I re-added it, and thanks for your kind words :)

  3. Thanks! I am now following "The Sterling Thimble" on bloglovin' :)