Monday, 3 February 2014

Our Home: Part One

We bought our house in November 2012, 3 months before our wedding! And we have decided to do as much of the DIY work ourselves as possible. Being a small holding that needed/needs lots of work makes it that much more time consuming than a regular city house. 1.9 hectare land and no mower certainly makes things interesting. I'll be sharing some pictures of it when we moved in, during the process of working on it and as it is now.

Our Enterance way and passage.
Most of the house started out with peach tiles through out  and matching peach walls.The passage being the only area painted white. I now have an aversion to the colour peach!

Our original front door

Peach tiles up close

Looking up the passage from our bedroom

Looking towards our lapa from the passage

From our actual front door into the passage

Towards our bedroom

We painted the upper part of the wall in Corner Stone (Paint Warehouse) and the lower bit- some of which is brick in Sahara Fire (also Paint Warehouse), we are still in the process of putting new skirting boards (base boards) in painted Apache White (Paint Warehouse) and chair rails also Apache white.
a start on the re-vamp

Our new front door

A few months later we started the seemingly impossible task of installing laminate flooring by ourselves! Once you get into the 'groove' it gets easier. We used Aged Hickory from Builders Warehouse. It took us 2 full weekends and a few hours during the week in between. 

from our bedroom up the passage

entry way

new front door and entry way

our passage now

The new flooring has made such a diffence.And best of all no peach!

Love Lauren

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