Saturday, 8 February 2014

Upcycle project One: Tea Trolley

As I may have mentioned before I love to hunt for previously loved items at Second hand shops, boot sales and markets.
Sometimes I come away empty handed and other times not so empty handed.:) I don't always have items in mind to search for, but at times inspiration strikes. One of these times I found an old Tea trolley /bar cart. Getting that into the back of my little Corsa lite was a challenge!



I painted it with some left over paint from the orange wall, I had to do quite a few coats to cover up the wood nicely. I then painted the top shelf with black board paint and I added fun  chalk labels and arrows drawn pointing out what is stored on the bar cart. Then I stencilled a protea design on the bottom shelf. We use it in our Lapa area for paper plates, cutlery, glasses and our alcohol. Creating much needed storage space in a room with no storage space :)



Love Lauren

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