Tuesday, 18 February 2014

PostCrossings: It's a small world after all

 Yesterday I discovered a fantastic site / concept called Postcrossing. It is a post card exchange / "pen pal" program.


The point is to connect people from all over the world via post, if you send a postcard, you will receive one back from somewhere in the world. With 218 Countries registered it really is exciting!

It is free to sign up and you request an address (you can have 5 post cards travelling at a time when you first join) and you receive a tracking code that you write on the post card you are sending. When the person receives the post card they register the tracking number and you will start receiving post cards from  all over the world! You will generally only write to that person once and someone else will only write to you once. You can state preferences of the kinds of post cards you'd like to receive, I have requested ones that depict the sender's town/city/country preferably with the place name on the post card.

source unknown

In this day and age "real post" is a dying art and receiving something other than a credit card bill, cellphone bill, rates account, medical aid mail is an unexpected surprise!

I joined yesterday and have my first 5 addresses. I am sending to

1. Russia
2. Netherlands
3. Germany
4. China
5. USA

Postage from South Africa to anywhere else in the world is only R6.40 excluding the cost of the post card of course.
I can't wait for my first post card to arrive and where it will be from is anyones guess. Imagine how awesome it would be to collect a post card from all 218 Countries!

I'll keep you posted - pun intended :)

Love Lauren

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