Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Monday Favourites: On Tuesday this week

Staring a week with some highlights and things to brighten the day/week a bit is a much needed pick me up, and hopefully starting out a week with something positive will flow through to the rest of the week.  :) This post is a day late, we had a few power dips last night and kept losing our internet signal- and lights.  (But more importantly our internet! ;)

My favourite Gluten free, flour free treat:



My favourite junk food:


My favourite quote this week:

source unknown

Favourite "Funny":

sorce unknown

Favourite tutorial: 

Sock bun.

Because every time I wear my hair like this I get asked how to do it :)

It is in Russian (if I'm not mistaken) but the pictures explain it well enough.

Favourite helpful hint:

Now that I am not sick anymore I can vouch for this one. It works!

Did you know? : In honour of Valentines Day this week

Source unknown


I hope you enjoyed some light hearted fun :)

Love Lauren

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