Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Long time no blogging

I'm back and I fully intend to post more frequently this coming year. So much has changed since I last post in May 2014! At the time I was depressed, I had resigned from a job   that made me unhappy, I was starting up my business and we were trying to have a baby and I had a very early loss, and I just lost interest in most things. Then trying to conceive consumed all my mental energy and I just stopped blogging.

The great news is I did fall pregnant at the end of August 2014, carried almost to full term (38 weeks) and we have the most beautiful, healthy, happy little boy. He is my light he makes  me  happy in so many ways. But sometimes like most ( every?) mothers I feel like something is missing, I am a mom now and am losing myself. So this year I'm going to rediscover  me. My word of the year is REDISCOVER.
REDISCOVER me, REDISCOVER my chilhood through my little boy, REDISCOVER my marriage and husband. Just seeing things through new eyes, appreciating what's already here.

I want to take this blog in a different direction too, I want more DIY posts, more sewing, more baking and cooking and some reviews. Some will be baby centered, some will be "selfish", where I'll focus on things that give me joy.

I want to work on my craft space, organise, tidy and sort things out.
I want to cook new things and bake!
I want to read more.
I want to blog.
And this is my start

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