Tuesday, 14 January 2014

B New

The eve of my 30th birthday seems as good a time as any to actually start this blog, after all I'm not getting any younger. (har har)

I have big plans for this year, strangely enough they all start with the letter B!


Baby: My Thirties is the time for motherhood, and hopefully that happens this year. In fact  I am so EXCITED about that prospect that I'm working on the baby room already!

Blog: Of course starting it, continuing with it and maintaining it.

Business: It is my every intention to start my own Crafty on line/ market business before the end of this year.

I have chosen the word NEW as of  my "word of the year" instead of actual resolutions. It symbolizes:

New tastes:  cook different recipes more frequently.
New experiences: try new things, maybe do a few crafty courses.
New ventures: Baby and business being the front runners.
New adventures: Travel more, camp more.

So here's to the last few hours in my Twenties and to the bright future I aim to have in my Thirties. I can't wait to see what they'll bring.

 Love Lauren

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