Monday, 12 May 2014

Our DIY Home: Back splash DIY and Kitchen

When we moved into our house, our kitchen had no shelves or upper cupboards only a small cupboard either side of the stove, 4 small drawers for utensils and 2 large drawers and the walls were painted a yellowish sponged effect! The first thing we did was repaint the walls our main colour: Corner Stone. Corner Stone is a Grey/Beige Colour.

I knew I wanted Back Splash behind our stove and that I wanted something unique. I eventually decided on a heat proof safety glass and a piece of fabric behind it secured with mirror screws.

We are still working on our kitchen, anyone who is doing DIY work themselves knows that it all takes time. I am in the process of teaching myself to tile and mosaic. Watch this space :)
 Below are some pictures from the day we moved in and some of the work we have done so far.

Our Kitchen the day we moved in

Th fabric I went for and the mosaic tiles

our back splash, we still need to tile either side of it

no upper cupboards :(

my open shelving (and Finlay)

looking into our dining area

we still need to tile behind the taps (the day we moved in)

the day we moved in: preparing for painting- the pantry in the left corner
Hope you enjoyed the brief tour of our Kitchen thus far :)

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Love Lauren

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